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of a concern as long as the lower millimeter. some of the higher millimeter ammunition here was a concern as well as the black powder. there were explosions and we don't know if it was automotive chemicals involved in that explosion. or anything to do with the firearms dealership here as well. woyp ro that be a part of the investigation to see whether it is lawfully stored here? >> without a doubt. the investigation already started. the owner has been interviewed by fire investigators and cooperating fully with us to try to explain what was going on and what was stored inside of that facility. >> reporter: going from the video, lot of black smoke. this is -- we can smell it in the air still. it is very active. tell bus that and the conditions. >> when firefighters first arrive order the scene they found a moderate amount of smoke coming from the roof area. dispatchers pulled it from accounts about the explosions inside and ammunition going off. we did approach this with a lot of cautionen andterred the structure attempt to locate the fire and extinguish.
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there continues to be explosions inside. ammunition going off. we had to withdraw our firefighters and fight the fire from text tearer. it did grow in intensity and go into the warehouse next door, automotive repair shop. we are estimating about a million dollars in damages to both shops. >> there were vehicles, motorcycles, as well as vehicles involved in the two warehouses? >> yes. anything you typically find inside the motorcycle or automotive repair facility, including the vehicles, new parts, chemicals, you name it, it was in there. >> thank you very much for joining us. as we said, the fire is basically out and continuing to clean up the hotspots here. 80 firefight in all on the scene. fortunately no one was hurt. darcy spencer, news4. back to you, wendy. >> thank you, darcy. >> a busy day. thank you for joining us on "news4 at 5:00." new developments of a bomb square of a plane that departed washington. ap sources are saying a diplomat
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involved in the aur line scare was headed to a consular visit with a jailed al qaeda agent. the united airlines flight took off from reagan national about 5:19 yesterday evening. bound for denver. the problem began when a man emerged from the bathroom with the smell of smoke in the air. that news is in the newsroom with details on this. pat? >> reporter: tonight a diplomat with the embassy of qatar is being reassigned after an incident that involved a nicotine attack. a flippant remark, scrambled f-16 fighter jets and anxious moments in the air. it all began onboard united airlines flight 633 which left reagan national late yesterday afternoon. headed to denver. with 1 50 57 passengers and six crew members onboard. one passenger now identified as mohammed al madadi, in his 20s, worked at the embassy in washington, came out of the plane's bathroom smelling like smoke. a flight attendant notified an air marshal who asked the man
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what he had been doing. earlier reports indicated al madadi made a flippant remark about trying to set his shoes on fire. that set off a series of events. al madadi was searched and detained. military scrambled f-16 fighter jets to escort the boeing 757 into denver. there the plane was searched for explosives. but none were found. tonight we learned that al madadi will not be charged in the incident. he has diplomatic immunity and he is being sent back here to washington and as part of the diplomatic arrangement he will not be charged in the incident. however, he will be sent back to qatar. >> now this incident comes less than six months after accused underwear bomber umar farooq abd abdawas indicted on federal charges for trying to blow up a jet with a bomb that was hidden in his underwear. >> some storms are now creeping towards our region. it could bring some relief to
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those of white house are suffering frommaleries and could bring severe weather. let's check in with tom kierein. >> yes. indeed, wendy. as we take a look at the radar now, we are see something thundershowers way off to our west. and these are showing up where you see these areas orange and yellow. that is where we are getting thunder and lightning from southern pennsylvania. just coming into western washington county. another one here just to the south of martinsburg between winchester and martinsburg, east of interstate 81. these are heading off to the east and to the northeast. there is a severe thunderstorm watch out for pennsylvania and points north. but not for us at this time. now these storms are heading off just about -- to the east and to the northeast. these are the towns that will be peaked. williamsport my have us moving through, 5:08. shephers town, 5:10. hagerstown, 5:15. as those storms move on through. head off to the east. now, as we take a look at the
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wider view of the radar we have another shower that is mao just coming into madison county. that's going to be heading towards culpeper county in the next perhaps 20 minutes to a half an hour. may have a little bit of thunder and lightning. elsewhere, we don't have any showers or thundershowers yet. but they may move into the metro area, perhaps around 8:00, 9:00 this evening. latest on that, take a look at the big changes coming in for friday and the weekend in a few minutes. >> thanks, tom. u.s. park police say that they know who was behind the vandalisms at several parks. police say the suspect is spreading hate and has a long history of hanging out at different parks around our area. now they need the public's help. news4's derrick ward joins us live and is in arlington. >> reporter: the nation's capital is full of symbolism, freedom, democracy, peace. similar bombs in homage of those that died in the pursuits, memorial corps memorial. similar bombs have been popping up that has nothing do with it. we have pictures and we want to
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show them to you. you may find them offensive. we obscured the obscenities. park police and authorities want to get the word out to see this stops. most idyllic and reverred sites. well-traveled bike and jogging trail along the g.w. parkway. even at the u.s. marine corps memorial. a place of remembrance where those that died in a war against fascism. it was here that the vandal painted swasty cals and symbols of intolerance. >> messages that are clearly hate speech. anti-black and anti-jew. and it is -- doesn't directly threaten violence but it is definitely very controversial-type statements. >> reporter: park police want to talk to this man identified as ronald edward bost jr. no stranger to authorities. >> we had contact with this person. we don't know for certain he's responsible for this particular -- but we would like
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to speak with him because we do believe that he may have some link to some of these. >> covering this entire -- can't remember what it said. it was hateful stuff. talks about revolution rising up or something along those lines. >> reporter: others say it is a cry for help. offering prayers for a vandal that would be unlikely to do the same for them. >> lost. certainly lost. he needs some direction. >> reporter: u.s. park police say not only does this kind of vandalism send a bad message but thousands of dollars cleaning it up. >> when the park service has to spend valuable money mitigating graffiti, sand blasting, that's less funds we can use for the public to enjoy our parks and recreation opportunities. >> reporter: some immune to the hateful message. >> behind my house. >> reporter: sentiment that's not worthy of the attention it
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seeks. >> doesn't get to you on a personal level? >> no. doesn't matter to me. >> reporter: authorities say that this suspect is known to frequent the area around u.s. marine corps memorial, and arlington county library. if you encounter him don't try to apprehend him or stop him. call local police or 911. we are live in arlington, back to you. >> all right, thank you. derrick ward. right now in west virginia, rescuers at the upper big branch mine are waiting to resume their mission. their effort is on hold tonight while crews vent dangerous air from the mine. four miners are trapped underground still. officials don't know if they are dead or alive. 25 miners died in monday's blast. two injured workers are in the hospital. steve handelsman is live in raleigh county with the latest for us. steve? >> reporter: hi, jim. thank you. it was a big setback. not that it matters much to the four miners. everybody here says they still
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believe that they still imagine that on monday as this explosion went off and killed 25 guys, it was a big explosion, these four guys who were shielded from the blast and used their training and they knew where these shelters were and think maybe three guys are in one-and-one guy is in another and if that's right, these guys would be okay. their shelters are strong. most importantly, they have air to breathe. since they are designed for more than a dozen guys, there's plenty of air for these guys to survive through the weekend. but the disappointment comes because the rescue workers who got to go in and got within 500 feet of the first chamber after a multi-mile travel ordeal through this mine and they had to turn around because the air turned bad. why? because of what tom kierein reported on in his weather segment. the bad weather on the weather maps that's headed to washington is already here in west virginia. it is a storm. that means low pressure. and in coal country, barometric pressure drops, enormous mines
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breathe. tremendous volumes of air underground and the entrances are small and so as the air rushes out, when the weather turns bad, and a cold front comes through, that means that there's lower pressure and that means that more of the toxic and more importantly explosive methane can seep out rocks in the coal. when it looked like the air had been clean and gave the guy it is green light to go in, they say they had been chomping at the bit to do it, 32 guys headed in, first on these trains and then a couple of miles by foot and they got really close, up above them a thousand feet above them on the mountaintop. the experts were checking the air to make sure there wasn't another explosion because everybody here knows in west virginia you have had cases where rescue teams days later have been the victims of second explosions. nobody wants that here. they check the air and it wasn't good anymore. they radioed down and everybody out and they had to go and they got so close that they hoped,
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jim, with pumping and drilling they will clean that air again, atmospheric pressure stabilized. methane should not be seeping as fast. once the air is clean, they will go back in and hopeful that they will go to the first rescue chamber and they will find one guy, two, three, or four alive. maybe we will know tonight. jim? >> time is ticking away. steve handelsman live for us. thank you. another sad farewell today in the district. a funeral service was held today for one of the victims killed in that mass shooting in washington. 16-year-old brishell jones was the last victim laid to rest. dozens of family and friends gathered at keenan baptist church in much northwest to pay their respects this morning. jones was one of four teenagers killed in the drive-by shooting in southeast last week. five other people were wounded in that shoot-out. three people have now been charged. violent crash in prince george's county sent two people to the hospital this morning. it happened just after 10:00 at
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the intersection of central avenue and enterprise road in largo. impact was so severe it split one vehicle in half. the second car ended up on its roof and skidded 75 yards up central avenue. both drivers were females. they were taken to the hospital. one does have life-threatening injuries. no word on the cause. coming up on "news4 at 5:00" tonight, the new republican governor of virginia issued an apology today after reinstating confederate history month. find out how this spring controversy could impact his budding political career. tiger returns to the masters. we are going to see how the crowd is responding. especially when he teed off. >> i'm liz crenshaw. a warning for pet owners. find out why the feds are cracking down on flea and tick products.
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virginia governor bob mcdonnell says he made a mistake when he omitted slavery from virginia's confederate history. he apologized to those that he say he may have off ended. the language he used has gotten him into political hot water. chris gordon reports. >> reporter: a day after virginia governor bob mcdonnell proclaimed april confederate history month, he posted an apology on his official website for what he calls a major omission. the failure to include any reference to slavery.
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as major cause of the civil war. democratic lawmakers in virginia were surprised that neither mcdonnell nor his advisers anticipated the polite can a fallout. >> why you would want to pass a proclamation that glorifies your state's effort to maintain player or -- by the war to maintain slavery is beyond me. >> reporter: a "washington post" article on governor mcdonnell's proclamation prompted 42 pages of responses. this is political analyst mark rozelle of mason university this is not the kind of publicity he wants or needs at this point. he was considered a rising star in the pear. lot of people were looking to him as -- a possible candidate for national office at some point in the future. and he -- counter of the state of the union message, as you recall. so there are a lot of people putting him forward as a real future player in national politics on the republican side. but i think this is going to be a real setback for him.
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>> reporter: there are some that question mcdonnell's motives for making april confederate history month in the first place. >> i think governor mcdonnell initially and i think even now is pandering to the far right extreme wing of the republican party because at some future point he sees himself as a candidate for some higher office and in this day and age, if you are not in with the tea party wing of the republican party, you are not going to go anywhere as a republican candidate. >> reporter: besides the political impasse of governor mcdonnell's actions there's also economic concern. some people worry that the state could be hurt in its attempts to attract companies to locate in virginia and at a time when the quell has become the topic of late-night tv humor. that's the latest from the newsro newsroom. back to you in the studio. >> chris gordon, thank you, chris. we have changes blowing in, folks. >> we do. >> yes. lit wash the pollen out as well
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as cool things down dramatically by tomorrow morning. right now, though, as we look at the view from the city camera you can see wind-swept potomac river. winds have been blustery. camera jumping awn round and water reflecting the gray sky after sunshine earlier in the day. mao cloudy. right now at reagan national airport, temperatures cooled down 81 degrees. record high for this date, 93 set way back in 1929. here is the radar's history over the last hour showing a line of showers and thundershowers coming out of west virginia. moving into virginia. and maryland at this hour. now, the radar is picking up one area of moderate to very heavy rain now. just to the west and north of hagerstown. these are some thunderstorms that are producing lightning and strong gusty winds. may be gust 40 to 50 miles per hour. heading off up into pennsylvania. this one is probably going to miss hagerstown. there is another smaller thundershower here. just to the northeast of winchester. and that's going to be moving on
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into jefferson county, west virginia. that's crossing into maryland, perhaps scooting through southern washington county. then heading out over into maybe frederick county. wider view of the radar showing another thundershower. far to our south now. this is right now in madison county. that will be moving into rappahannock county and far northern culpeper county. that may move into fauquier county in about another hour or so as well. but no severe storms. don't have any reports of severe weather with these. they are continuing to move towards us. it is all part of a cool front that's now entering the mountains. they are getting rain now. martinsburg cooled down to 70 degrees while it is around 80 in washington. wind off today at annapolis. there at 72. elsewhere, temperatures are accompanied by very gusty winds. look at martinsburg. did just have a gust of 52 miles per hour from the outflow from thunderstorms just to their north. then elsewhere, the winds have been gusting to around 30 to 40 miles per hour. west where the front is coming
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into the mountains and only near 60, behind the front, pittsburgh is only 50 degrees. ing in fact, it is snowing now in the northern great lakes. temperatures are near freezing there. wider view showing another cluster of rain and this is probably the batch that will be affecting washington and immediate suburbs in fairfax, montgomery, fairfax counties, not until later this evening, perhaps still two, three hours way before that would arrive. by mid evening, showers and thunder on the metro area. near 70 and when the rain does commence it will be down into the 50s by dawn tomorrow, though, with lingering showers. by 9:00 drying out and sunshine back and during the afternoon highs only near 60 and blustery northwest wind and every time this time of year, 64. first time this week, temperatures will be below average on friday. then saturday morning, chilly. maybe even a freeze out of the mountains and especially southern west virginia. and here locally, it may bottom out near 40 degrees on saturday morning. still bit of a blustery wind into saturday. highs should recover back into
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the mid 60s which is about the average for this time of year. then on sunday, not quite as chilly in this morning. mid 40s. afternoon highs and partly cloudy. right around 70. mid 40s again monday morning. monday should be sunny and again, highs right around 70 degrees. here is a look at the next week. extended outlook looks dry. seasonable for tuesday and wednesday and thursday. each day morning lows, low to mid 40s. afternoon highs in the 60s. perhaps near 70. by thursday afternoon. we will keep you posted as the showers come our way. right now no severe weather. threatening the metro area. looks like any rain arriving by mid evening. wendy and jim. >> thanks. coming up, did he ever station in rio we show thank you areas of brazil dealing with flooding and landslides. >> it is important for mrs. obama to bring people in. that even includes us.
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jim vance sat down for an interview with the first lady this week. he will tell us about that. right after this.
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president obama and russian president medvedev signed the new start treaty today at the nuclear summit in prague. the agreement cuts each country's nuclear's stockpile by a third. it will cut in half the number of nuclear each country has like submarines and missiles. the treaty still needs to be
5:25 pm
voted on by the u.s. senate and russia's legislature. back here in washington jim vance was invited to the white house yesterday. >> interviewing the first lady and he is here to el us about that. >> wonderful event. fir first lady michelle obama and family have been neighbors in d.c. just over a year now. during the short visit at the white house yesterday, she told us some of the things that she enjoys most. >> some of the best stuff i do here. when i'm working with kids and have them in my garden, i'm out at their school, talking to them, i can spend hours there. that's when you see me alive and smiling. people say youal look happy. usually when i'm out, i'm with kids, i'm with community, i'm with people. and it feels good. it feels like -- that's when i feel like i'm hope. >> mrs. obama also talked to us about her impressions of her new town. some of her favorite places are not the obvious ones. and it might be interesting to -- in the city itself, she
5:26 pm
has comments about very soar issue of disenfranchisement. >> very interesting. >> good stuff. very close to eleanor holmes norton. >> you know she is. she will. >> she embraced the city and the city embraced her. >> she gets out. >> they insist on not sitting in a gilded cage. they have energy in other people. they, i think, need -- not this -- hear what other people have to say. >> the president was right next door during this interview. >> as a matter of fact, shhh. >> you were making too much noise. >> all right. candace -- can't disturb him. >> we invite you to stay for vance's interview. more at "news4 at 6:00" and later tonight on "news4 at
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11:00." >> when we come back, will golf fans welcome the return of tiger woods at the masters? we will tell what you happened today. group of important people coming to town. it is going to disrupt an entire d.c. neighborhood if not much of the city. i'm tom sherwood. that's the washington convention center behind me. if you have plans to be here next weekend or monday or tuesday, pay attention. i will have your story coming up on "news4 at 5:00."
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if he can overcome what's going on now mentally, he can
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overcome anything. >> you know, wasn't right but -- who am i to judge? >> local golfers react to the return of tiger woods to the course. welcome back. i'm wendy reer. >> i'm jim handly. we will have reaction to tiger's return to the masters today. coming up shortly, also coming up in this half hour, virginia families win millions in a controversial court battle today. when is antibacterial soap bad for your health? and the smithsonian's got jewels on qvc. but today tiger woods made his much anticipated return to professional golf. news4's john schriffen has more on how the local fans are reacting to his comeback. >> golf fans circled today on their calendar after waiting 144 days, tiger woods is back. are fans ready to welcome the golfing great? >> you know, that's between he and his wife and whomever else
5:31 pm
is involved. as far as i'm concerned, if i watch him i watch him because he is a great player. >> reporter: like so many others at the potomac golf course, leeane picked up the game four years ago, the tiger woods success. but despite all that woods has done for the game of golf, the chairman of the masters blasted woods yesterday for his off-the-course activity. >> our hero did not live up to the expectations of the role model we saw for our children. >> reporter: despite the strong words woods received a round of applause from the fans at the masters today. after teeing off, these golfers blew to the tv a lengthy golf course liked what they saw. >> i hope he does well in the tournament and i hope he wins it. go, tiger. >> reporter: since the scandal broke, the infidelity, he has taken five months off from the professional tour. he apologized and vowed to become a new tiger, something many fans appreciate. >> obviously made bad judgments. i'm impressed by the fact he is trying to put it behind him and get back out there right away and compete in the masters. >> he is human.
5:32 pm
you know, i think his can't zal is publicized more than everybody else's in the professional sports. >> reporter: do you forgive him? >> absolutely. >> reporter: woods is shooting for his 15th major win in and possibly the biggest golf tournament of them all. winning four green jackets. many wonder if the rush is too much to overcome. >> i don't expect he will win the thing. i think lee -- he will compete. tiger always surprises everybody. >> hitting golf ball it is whole time. i think he will do already. >> reporter: woods is still on the course finishing up the first round. the day didn't go off without incident. after bogeying the seventh hole looked up and saw a plane with a sign that read "sex addict, yeah, right. me, too." clearly it may take a while for everyone to get past what he did. winning sure might help. >> thanks, john. tiger also has created a lot of buzz today with a new ad that's out. nike released it. released it last night. in it woods stared straight into the camera and voice of his late
5:33 pm
father plays overhead. >> i want to find out what your thinking was. i wouldn't find out what your feelings are. did you learn anything? >> tiger does not speak in this ad. it is created -- it created quite a lot of buzz. breaking weather news. straight up with tom kierein in the storm center. >> the storm we have been telling you about panhandle of west virginia has moved into washington county. it picked up a bit in intensity. this area in orange is under a severe thunderstorm warning. this is the storm right here. it is heading off to the east-northeast. it does -- affect the eastern washington county, northern frederick county and far northwestern carroll county, maryland. right there. right along the pennsylvania border. now this storm itself is producing wind gusts around 50 to 60 miles per hour. heading off to the east and
5:34 pm
moving towards myersville here, about the next three, four minutes. then smithsburg. 5:35. capetown. thurmont and emitsburg, you may see that storm coming through there, too, around 5:43. woodsboro, 6:00 this evening. continuing to move off to the east. rapid pace. and this storm could be producing some hail, frequent lightning as well as brief damaging winds. and, again, passing off to the east and northeast. clipping far eastern washington county, northern frederick county into carroll county. then moving off to the north elsewhere. no storms threatening the washington area. back with another update coming up. back to you. >> thank you, tom. president obama will be hosting world leaders at a nuclear simt in d.c. next week. starting tomorrow, security restrictions will be in place around the washington convention center causing major headaches for those that live and work in the area. news4's tom sherwood is live for news northwest with the latest on that part of the story.
5:35 pm
hi, tom. >> reporter: hey, jim. the summit national secure event at the washington convention center. local businesses and residents are bracing for the security crackdown. ♪ at the 5-year-old cafe on ninth street across from the washington convention center, the sudden blizzard of no parking signs signals another big event disrupting local business. this time the president's nuclear security summit with secret service restricting access, parking, and more beginning friday night through wednesday. >> big scene. a lot of people, lot of press around. you are here. >> the sign is up no parking around here. i think -- i mean, we -- we have to -- you know, honor it. starting friday. >> reporter: at the pet store and kennel nearby, customers already have been warned. >> we heard from the secret
5:36 pm
service our customers will be able to access our store walking down the street as long as they have i.d. with them. any customer e-mails or phone calls we have gotten we let them know to walk their dogs in. >> reporter: any chance old dominion brewery on 9th street is being cleared if his patrons can get there. >> we have been through a lot last year. this is not something new. i wish they would provide me with more specifics and times to prepare. >> reporter: at a late afternoon news conference thursday, mayor fenty said the city recognizes the security impact. >> exactly how residents will come in and out by showing identification and we know without any question that that is some burden to the residents and businesses that live in this area. >> reporter: there is another community meeting tonight for those businesses and residents to learn more about the latest plans for this big event. jim, back to you. >> all right. big days coming up. >> weekend and go to the beach.
5:37 pm
coming up on "news4 at 5:00," a beetle attack. we are going to tell you about the infestation that's killing trees in our neighborhoods. >> continue to keep our eye on this storms now coming into our region. tom returns with a check on the latest condition
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5:39 pm
brazilian authorities say an estimated 200 people were buried and feared dead following a mud slide near rio de janeiro. record rainfall and flooding since monday has triggered
5:40 pm
deadly mud slides acrokrocross area. it would raise the death toll sharply from the 153 people already known to have died this week in land and mud slides. wild weather starting to move into our area. the latest from tom kierein. >> temperatures have been about ten degrees cooler than yesterday. we have a cold front approaching from the west. live view from our sky watcher cam. you see the sky is turning darker now. far to our north, there is a severe thunderstorm warning in effect. 50 miles northwest of washington. it is exiting washington county where you see this area of yellow. that's a strong thunderstorm producing gusts to 60 miles an hour. could be moving across northern frederick county. perhaps clipping far northwestern carroll county and head on up into pennsylvania with brief heavy downpours and frequent lightning and perhaps damaging winds. right now temperatures are around 80 here. where they had the rain in the russian dough valley cooled down into the 60s now. winds have been gusting to around 30 to 40 miles an hour. hagerstown had a gust of 45 when
5:41 pm
the storm went through there. and for this evening maybe passing showers and thundershowers. and then by dawn, maybe lingering rain in the 50s. much cooler friday afternoon and highs just near 60. blustery and chilly saturday. bit warmer sunday and monday. wendy and jim. >> all right, thank you, tom. if you have ever admired the hope diamond and other gems at the smithsonian you may be able to buy them or replicases of them. they teamed up with qvc to produce a new line of jewelry. inspired by the gem and mineral collections. museum of natural history. it will include earrings, rings, bracelets and pens. smithsonian says the partnership with qvc would no only create fashionable jewelry but will educate the public about the smithsonian and its gem collection. the collection is scheduled to make the debut this fall. >> not the real deal. >> couldn't afford the real deal. coming up, find out why some say using antibacterial soap
5:42 pm
could be debtment alto your health. he is the goalie they call the little lock. he is make contribution. >> as the weather warms up you will be reaching for flea and tick products for your pet. a warning how it could harm your pet. my story is
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
somewhere in america... there's a home by the sea powered by the wind on the plains. there's a hospital where technology has a healing touch. there's a factory giving old industries new life. and there's a train that got a whole city moving again. somewhere in america, the toughest questions are answered every day. because somewhere in america, more than sixty thousand people spend every day answering them. siemens. answers. we have a warning tonight for pet owners. excuse me. who treat their dogs and cats for fleas and ticks. >> after thousands of reports of sick pets. feds are cracking down on the companies that make the treatments. liz crenshaw is here with details on this. this is what we have been hearing a lot about this.
5:45 pm
>> important this time of year. it is warning from the environmental protection agency oos we head out into that warmer weather, pet owners will grab the popular flea and tick treatments called spot-on treatments. the epa reports nearly a 50% spike in adverse reactions and warns because of the products are pesticides, they can and have been dangerous to some pets. outdoor time for dogs and their owners, welcomed sight after a long winter. it is a field day for ticks and fleas as well who want to make a home on your pet. that's why many pet owners have turned to these -- spot-on treatments that apply once a month keep fleas and ticks away. >> yes, i used them. i used them. >> reporter: veterinarians have been prescribing them for years because they are so good at keeping fleas and ticks from feeding on your pets. not to mention they are easy to
5:46 pm
use. >> part the hair and put it right on the skin. >> reporter: that little bit and in that little spot will protect her for a whole month? >> whole month. >> reporter: but this little bit of product can turn to poison. the epa reports 44,000 sick pets because of these products. that's about 58% more than the year before. 600 of those animals died. the epa says that in addition, adverse reactions include vomiting and diarrhea and trembling and depression and seizures. >> we don't believe it was a bad batch. we do believe it was misuse because labels weren't clear. >> reporter: for example, using a dog product on a cat. or using a product for large dog on a small dog. epa says to increase the safety of these products will begin reviewing labels to determine which ones need stronger and clearer labeling statements.
5:47 pm
some pet owners have worries. >> do you use any products to help prevent -- >> i used to. i don't anymore. having read too much about the -- effects. >> reporter: you are concerned about these products? >> definitely. >> i worry about overdosing. that would be my biggest concern. >> reporter: another concern, flea and tick products made for dogs contain a pesticide which can kill a cat. however the dock says if pet owners are careful, the benefits of these products are immense. >> they help prevent foreign diseases like lyme disease and rocky mountain spotted fever. >> reporter: when in doubt consult with your veterinarian. when you have an older dog and pregnant and nursing dog, cat, be more vigilant. it is a pesticide, poison. you want to treat it with the utmost care. >> also marine mind those of you who have dogs and cats at home to be careful which products you use. what you put on your dog can make your cat sick. so you do want to talk to your
5:48 pm
vet. great products. they work well. watch the label, read them carefully. epa may want the labels to be more specific and clearer. >> you point out size makes such a difference. if -- 50-pound dog versus a 12-pound dog, it is this is strong stuff. >> also some of the stuff that's okay for dogs is absolutely not okay for cats. have you to be very, very careful what you use. >> okay. >> good information. thank you, liz. federal judge awarded $2.6 million to seven virginia families that are living in homes with something called chinese dry wall. the judge also ruled that this drywall which is toxic and sulfur emitting should be removed from all homes. the ruling is a big win for the families. at least four other states that are dealing with this. the challenge, however, is collecting the money from chinese companies that do not have to respond to u.s. courts. lots of people use antibacterial soap. there is's mounting evidence that suggests the trend to ward off germs is actually detrimental to our health.
5:49 pm
studies show antibacterial soaps might be worse in the long run because they kill weaker bacteria while the stronger ones thrive. and allergy outbreaks have been on the rise over the past decade which some believe is also linked to our increasingly sterile environment. bottom line, experts say that stop paying extra money for expensive antibacterial products and instead wash your hands. here is the rule. 20 seconds with regular soap and that should do the trick. >> what about sanitizers? >> i think that falls into the same category, same stuff. >> okay. caps, caps, caps. >> yes. >> you won't be able to get enough of it. you will be talking about it the next two, three month. >> let's hope. >> the capitals prepare for playoff run. nobody on the team more important than the goalie. even alex ovechkin. goalie can literally carry a team to his stanley cup. the man in charge of the caps 'goalies, just a few years
5:50 pm
removed, playing the stanley cup finals himself. during his 13-year nhl playing career, archer was an all-star. olympian and a starting goalie for the carolina hurricanes in his 2004 stanley cup final. now he's a rookie again. coaching the caps goaltenders as they prepare important the playoffs. the move to coaching was not automatic for him. the hardest part was convincing himself that his playing days were over. >> after being out of the game and being settled, it is time. game starts to draw back and pull me in again. it doesn't leave. my approach is different. it is still there. >> reporter: irbe has instant credibility with his goalie. jose played against irbe many times against his career and irbe gained the trust of
5:51 pm
varlamov early on. when asked what they remember most about irbe as a player the goalie said that was easy. >> come on. honest answer. >> translator: first of all, he remembers me playing for carolina. those are the games he saw. growing up. of course, he remembers mask and gear which was unorthodox. different than others. equipment known for his helmet and his old hat. >> at the time it looked weird and people said you are different. why you don't get a new mask? why don't you wear the new style flashy colorful pads? i will do what i believe is best for me. my mass section lighter and gives me better vision. i don't feel like i'm in a submarine. it is more comfortable and still protects me. i will stick with my old stuff
5:52 pm
and my pads, they feel like old mittens on hands. >> reporter: irbe said he literally had a special bond with his pads. wear something of them up to seven straight seasons. now he's trying to develop that bond with his players. and so far it seems to be working. >> veteran and fighting. trying to take over. you have to be just better bus it is competition. i want the goalies to compete, fair competition. they make each other better. they can learn from each other. this is the greatest scenario. >> reporter: at least for now, the coach and team look like they will be relying on thee or in the playoffs. change is what happened last year. whoever is between the pipes can't lose focus for even a second. >> playoffs. different story.
5:53 pm
five, six, seven games in a row. you learn to hate those guys. you play them. they irritate you. then after three, four games when it is solid, good series, you respect them. then it is two teams going to war. warriors clashing against each other with total respect. >> reporter: even the coach is getting jacked up for the playoffs. irbe will definitely have his goalies ready. one of the best things about irbe, he has been up here in his career and down here in his career and rebounded. that's why he relates so well to these guys because he knows every emotion that they are going through. they love him. >> that's what we love about sports. you have a chance to do that again and again. we will tell you about the beetle attack that's impacting our environment.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
the state of maryland is wage warg on a deadly beetle that's attacking ash trees across the state. the department of agriculture has been fighting the emerald ash bore for years. this year, though the agency is changing tactics. aaron gilchrist has more on the beetle attack that's hit charles and prince george's counties. >> reporter: the department of agriculture has moved away from trying to get rid of the emerald ash bore.
5:57 pm
instead now they are trying to control it. so that means if you look up you are going to start to see trees like this all over the state. there are tens of millions of ash trees all over maryland that protect ecosystems and beautify urban areas. since 2003, this exotic asian beetle has been on the attack. >> this beetle has the cape bill of wiping out the entire genious oyp dick bean is the state's expert on combating the emerald ash bore. it destroyed some 47,000 ash trees. >> you look at it and doesn't look that bad. right. >> reporter: normal. >> right. this is what will happen after a couple of years. >> reporter: beetle lays eggs in the trees and they bore down and create little tunnels. draining nutrients from the trees. >> tree starves and dies. that's exactly what's happening. starving to death. starts from the canopy, top of the tree down. >> reporter: this month, the
5:58 pm
team will hang up to 4,000 of these purple traps, mostly in prince george's and charles. inside a chemical packing to attract the beetles. outside a sticky film to trap them. >> find a beatol the trap, we are going to be going out from that trap and looking for the infestation. >> reporter: maryland spent more than $8 million on the emerald ash bore problem. this year, the state will try again to contain the bug using chinese wasps that feed on the beetle and special insecticides. play distributed traps most obvious weapons along roads in the woods and on private property. the trapping and monitoring effort will begin in earnest towards the end of april and every two weeks through the summer, crews will be back out to check the big purple traps to see if they caught any emerald ash bores. in sheltonham, maryland, aaron gilchri gilchrist, news4. >> for more information about the traps or report signs of dying ash trees, you can contact the maryland department of agriculture. the number is 410-841-5920.
5:59 pm
that does it for "news4 at 5:00" this evening. coming up, time is running out to rescue four missing miners. wendy joins jim vance for "news4 at 6:00." there are reports tonight that the diplomat who caused a bomb scare on a flight from washington to denver was on his way to meet a jailed terrorist. >> someone is vandalizing national parks in our area and the police know the guy who is doing it. >> tiger woods back on the golf course. greeted by fans with cheers and critics on the air. three days after an explosion in raleigh county, west virginia. search and rescue efforts continue for four missing miners. good evening. i'm wendy rieger. sitting in for doreen gentzler. >> i'm jim vance. 25 miners killed while working at what's called the upper big branch mine in or near charleston, west virginia. todayes

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